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Exhibitors Registration-AMA

Rules and Regulations:

• By signing this agreement, we hereby make application for exhibit space at the 2024 AMA Expo.

• Booth selection is on first come, first serve

• Each Booth will include (at no additional cost) the


✔ 8’ tall backwall drape

✔ 3’ tall siderail drape

✔ One 6’ draped table

✔ Two chairs

✔ One wastebasket

✔ One company ID sign

• Any additional furnishings other than what is listed will be a vendor expense (Electric, tables, chairs, car5pet and drapes). A website for you to place your orders will be provided.

Lead Retrieval services will be available.

Payment information below:

Make check payable to and mail to:

Alabama Merchants' Association

3 River chase Office Plaza,

Suite 208 Birmingham, AL 35244

AMA Office (205) 739-0565 or


Booth Pricing
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